That ever growing to do list that in your head or on a note pad, it might even be on the back of a cigarette packet if you’re that way inclined.  Let’s get that to-do list working for you and adding to your productivity rather than stifling it.

If you keep a to-do list in your head then switch to a pad or your phone to keep track. It clears some space in your brain or worry you’ll forget about it.  If you’re like me there is also a smug satisfaction from ticking off or scoring out items that are on the list 😊

Schedule in your to-do list.  Okay so you have a to-do list that keeps getting longer.  Firstly, next to the item note down how long it takes to do. For example:  Food shopping (1hr),  Meal plan (30mins),  Post office run (20 mins), Clean windows (2hrs).  Add the times together to give you a realistic view of how many hours the full list would take you, you might realise that you’re trying to fit 20 hrs work of to-dos into 3 spare hours in a day!! Get realistic.

What can you schedule in for today or this week? Use your time blocking (see this post) to dedicate a space for completing that item and ticking it off.


Do it Now

If it takes less than 2 minutes do it there and then. Don’t add it to a list, don’t put it off. Do it! If something takes less than 2 minutes it’s ticked off before it even reaches the sniff of a pen to add to a to-do list.

If you’ve been procrastinating then eat the frog and do that thing first, get it out the way early in the day and it’ll help your motivation levels rather than continue to be bugging your brain.

Delegate or delete

Be honest with yourself, is the item something you are never going to get around to doing? Then delete it from the list.  Is the item something you can delegate? Practice asking for help – remember we can do anything but not always everything.