Feel like you never have enough time to get it all done or to relax?  I’ve pulled together some top tips for managing your time well.

Get Real

Be realistic with your expectations. We may have the same 24hrs as Beyonce but we do not all have a nanny, Personal Assistant, hairdresser, stylist, chef, cleaner etc.   So whilst the number of hours are the same the demands are different.  Here’s some helpful things you can do to maximise your time resulting in more productivity, down time or more time with the ones you love.

Meal Plan

Plan your weeks meals in advance. Get on the meal prep (find a quck easy plan here).  I promise having those meals good to go will save time cooking, thinking or shopping about what to have. It’ll also save you money on those last minute over priced Tesco express trips, take away or uncooked veg.   I Keep breakfast simple, batch cook lunch and have 4 dinners planned and shopped for, 2 dinners from the freezer/pasta and the space for 1 takeaway a week.

Time block

That to-do list is massive, that workout needs done, the housework needs sorted, shopping needs done, kids need collected, gran needs checked in on, work deadline has passed. Mind is exploding and multi-tasking it being taken to a new level.  STOP! I’m here with an unpopular opinion that multi-tasking doesn’t work.  It’ll take you longer and the standard won’t be as good.   I don’t men the multi-tasking that involves posting on intsgram whilst you’re at the school gate to collect your kids.  I mean the kind that involves responding to 4 emails whilst putting washing out and cooking the lunch.  Its possible but its not a long-term effective way of working and will end in burnout.  Move to time blocking.  Get that spreadsheet up and block out when you are dedicated to doing specific tasks.  6-6.30 workout, 7am breakfast, 7.30-8.30 kids sorted, 9am school drop off, 10am check emails, 11-1 write report c, 1-1.30 Lunch etc etc.  Organised and productive. Don’t forget to block out your time to purposefully do nothing  See this post.


Shop Online for Groceries

Seems easy right? Ordering for click and collect or delivery saves on time, unexpected checkout lines, busy supermarkets and saves money on the things you don’t pick up spur of the moment whilst walking around.  I open my basket at the start of the week and add things in as I think of them or realise, we are out. I add the items from my meal plan list straight away and its done and dusted.  It’s quick, simple and effective.

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