Use an hour of your time on a Sunday to plan and prepare for the week ahead. Enjoy your weekend more and banish those Sunday night blues by being proactive and dedicating some time to get ahead.  I guarantee it’ll improve your sleep too!  You might see it as an inconvenience and eating into your weekend time but I see it as a way of fully enjoying and being present in the weekend knowing I have that time aside to sort out and get ready for next week, worry and overwhelm be gone.  Hello Monday morning with a clear plan and intention for the week. On Sundays we set up for the week by:

Get Fresh

Changing the bedding & put out fresh PJs.  A self-care essential.

Realise that it’s a new week and let go of the should have, would have, could haves from the week before.  You can journal this – there’s some great journal tips here

Set intentions

Set intentions for the week ahead. I like t do a guided mediation and visualisation of who I want to show up as this week and what I want to create more of in my life.  I use my intention as an anchor and reminder throughout the week in my Morning routine.



Prioritise what needs done.  What can you do right in this moment or first thing Monday that by doing makes your week go smoother?  This can be something practical like meal prep, workouts or simply scheduling in time to purposely do nothing – here.


Look over your to-do list. Are you realistically going to do that thing that’s been on your list for 45 weeks?  Can you delegate or just delete it?  What items do you have on there that take less than 2 minutes to do and can be done right now? Do it.  -Find some top tips here –

Sort that meal plan – find as super easy one here.  Meal planning helps take some decisions out of the day to day. Something less to think about, creating more space in your brain for other things. Guaranteed to ensure I eat healthier, reach for less snacks, eat enough food to nourish me and keep my energy levels consistent. if you’re looking for a tasty Sunday dinner then give this pie a try – Minced beef pie.


What does your Sunday School look like? Do you like to plan for the week ahead or just roll into it hoping for the best?   The thought of not having a plan to get me started on a Monday heightens my anxiety and I can feel the overwhelm trying to creep it.  Best to keep it sorted and give myself a change to win the week.