Meal Plan

meal planning saves time and money.  It reduces waste and you can utilise left-overs for other dinners or lunches.  Make sure you freeze any leftovers if you cook a recipe which feeds 4 but there are only two of you.  The chicken from my Sunday roast normally provides me with enough of a base to create my lunches for the week rather than going in the bin and costing me money buying something else.

Freezer Roulette

Yup food related again.  Go through your freezer and plan what meals you can make from what’s there.  You’ll surprise yourself by how creative you can be and you’ll clear space for all the organised meal planning and prepping.


Switch to supermarkets own brand.  So many of the supermarkets own brand products are the same as the ones we know and love. Yes actually the same other than the packaging, made in the same factory and often by the branded products manufacturer.  Many well-known brands provide supermarkets with their product at a super low cost for their own brand labels in exchange for a prime position on super market shelves for the branded product.  Its all about the marketing.  I switched my cheese, bread,  milk, crisps from branded to supermarkets own and I have no regrets.

Round it up Savings

Set your bank account to round up spends to the nearest £1 and save the change into a savings account.  Lots of bank accounts offer this and it’s a great way of adding to your savings account without noticing, so whilst you’re not saving money, that saved money is yours already, but you get to see it differently.  Those pennies all add up and you can get yourself a nice treat.


Switch Providers

Check your in the most effective price plan for utilities and bills.  Keep track of renewal dates and compare alternatives to see if you can save any money.  Its worth calling your current supplier to see if they will match the cost.  I’ve got a spreadsheet to keep track of renewals, suppliers and the best time to check new tariffs.  In the past I’ve saved money on Broadband, Car insurance and power. Don’t forget to check your pet insurance – that’s the one that always slips by me! Mainly due to the fact there’s a 2 week gap between switching when my pet wouldn’t be insured.


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