Meal planning offers me so much freedom from food obsession. I don’t need to think about it over the week and it massively reduced my overwhelm or anxiety knowing that its all sorted. Here’s a little insight into how I do it.



I keep Breakfast super simple and low cost for weekdays having Yogurt with or without fruit, sometimes add honey, granola, nuts or grated chocolate to liven it up a bit.

Breakfast on Sat is a Smoothie bowl – I take a little more time over breakfast at the weekends and love creating a healthy and pretty smoothie bow with fresh fruit, veg and toppings.

Breakfast on Sunday is usually a filled breakfast roll with bacon, sausage or black pudding and not forgetting the tattie Scone.



I don’t plan anything for weekend lunches, we often eat out or have an earlier dinner on these days and I like having the flexibility. I can always throw together a toastie or pitta bread if I’m at home and hungry.

For midweek I prep 2 different lunch options.  Usually a soup or something with ingredients that I can make wraps with and not have the liquid element.  If I cook a roast chicken on a Sunday I’ll use leftover or cook extra chicken for pulled chicken soup (love this recipe) and some for Spicy or BBQ pulled chicken that I can use in a baked potato which if lso pre cooked alongside the roast ( 2 tatties for midweek 2 lunches).  Giving me 4 portions of soup to freeze and 2 baked potatoes with filling.  Midweek lunches sorted.



I occasionally batch cook all my dinners, but only when I know I’ve got a full on week and cant spend any time at all in the kitchen.   Cooking is enjoyable to me so usually I cook on the day I’m eating, sometimes I do a hybrid and cook a couple days and reheat on others.  I don’t like having the same thing for dinner more than once a week so even when I am pre cooking its usually a different dish.  Heres an example of a hybrid week. Hands on time is never usually longer than 15 mins (unless its Sunday) and oven cooking usually 30-40mins.  A hybrid week gives me to non cooking days in a week.

Dinner examples

Monday: Mince Beef Stir fry (and cook Tuesdays pasta bake)

Tue: Feta Pasta bake reheat (cooked on Monday)

Wed: Homemade Burgers and wedges.  I use a regular burger recipe but put them in the oven with the potatoes for 30 mins to cook, rather than fry.  ( cook Thursdays chicken fajita mix, chicken, pepper and onions with spices)

Thur: Chicken Fajitas reheat mix and tortillas (chicken mix made on Wed)

Fri: Halloumi Tray Bake. (veg, halloumi all chopped mix with pesto and a little olive oil, bake for 30-40min in the oven)

Sat: Pizza & Nachos night or Take away

Sun: Roast Chicken (use left over meat for lunches)


This super tasty pasta sauce is a great option to hide those veggies from the kids. batch cook and freeze in portions for later.

Looking to back a home made sweet treat to enjoy? Check out this amazing Chocolate cake!

Simple, sorted and set up for the week!   Are you a planner or a spur of the moment kinda person?