We’ve all been there, the moment when life feels like an uncontrollable whirlwind or conveyor belt of nonstop chaos.  Here’s some top tips to help you find your calm.


  • Pause, take 3 minutes to breathe.  Start by bringing your awareness to your natural breathing rhythm. Notice how the air flows in and out of your body, which parts of you move as you breathe.  Don’t force or alter your breath just recognise it as it is.  Once the awareness is there recognise the feeling of the air entering your nose, inhaling and exhaling through your nose and repeating the words breathing in as you inhale and breathing out as you exhale.  Consciously slow your breathing down and take full deep breathes which allow your stomach and ribs to expand and contract.  Extend the exhale so that it is longer than the inhale, allowing you body to relax.  Ensuring the oxygen can circulate freely around your body and not become stuck in the upper area of your chest causing panic and anxiety.



  • Pack the kids off to bed, shut down the laptop, light the candles, lock the bathroom door and sink into a nice warm bath.  Nothing takes me from 100 Miles per hours to blissful calm like a beautiful bubble bath.   Go on … you deserve it! 



  • Head outdoors, don’t let the rain put you off, get a coat on and get outside!  A walk in the fresh air does the world of good.  If your minds racing you can listen to a podcast or audio book to distract you or set yourself some challenges to spot the birds, find certain trees, look or specific colours, smells, shapes in nature. If the suns out take a moment to feel it on your face.  A walk is a great way to start or finish your day or to break it up and shift your mood.



  • Put on your favourite song and have your own D-I-S-C-O!  music and movement are sure fire way to get those happy vibes flowing. Pull that playlist out and pump it up, sing along with a hairbrush for maximum effect.


  • Dial things down and do some Yoga.  You can find fabulous free sessions on youtube lasting from 5 minutes to 2hrs.  Yoga helps to bring your focus inwards, using balance, flowing movements and breathwork to centre and ground you in the present moment.