Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock for the past 5 years you’ll have come familiar with the term self-care.  sometimes its bubble baths and face masks and other times its something simple like getting enough fresh air or creating a tidy space to relax in.  Heres five of my favs:


Create a morning routine.  Set aside 30 minutes in the morning just for you.  Drink a cold glass of water to hydrate, journal, meditate, exercise, breathe, move to music, walk, eat in peace, do a gratitude list, do some affirmations and set and intention of how you’d like the day to go.   Piece together some things that bring you joy and create your own morning ritual.  Mines involves: A glass of water followed by 3 Minutes breathing exercises, Journaling to include my 10 points of gratitude (normally milk for my tea, bed for last nights sleep, the sun if its out, my family etc etc), I journal my affirmations and intention for the day, Do a 5 – 10 minute guided visualisation meditation and lastly I put on some music and move – might be a run, might be a dance, it might even be a dance in the shower with the music on if I’m short on time.   This morning routine helps me start my day the right way and is an essential element in my self care.



Your skin care routine. Taking time to look after our skin not only helps our physical appearance but also tells out mind that we believe we are worth looking after. Those subliminal messages improve our self-worth and confidence.  A nighttime and morning routine helps us take off the day that’s gone and start a new one fresh.  You could build in saying your affirmations as you wash your face or put on your moisturiser.


Creating a nourishing Breakfast. This could be some overnight oats, a smoothie bowl or anything else you fancy. Use ingredients which nourish you and set you up with energy for the day.  Give yourself the best chance of avoiding those hangry incidents by lining your stomach first thing in the morning.



Change your bed sheets and PJs.  I know it seems simple but sometimes nothing beats fresh bedding and a crisp set of PJS. Looking after your home and your soul.  I don’t know about you but my fresh bedding seems pointless if I’ve not got clean pjs on too. I like to sort this out on a Sunday morning so I know I’m starting the week fresh, crisp and clean.  Might seem OTT to some but to me it’s a tidy house = a tidy mind.


Sit outside with a cuppa. Allocate some time that’s purposely dedicated to you doing nothing.  I regularly schedule in time for me just to be. Sometimes its 5 minutes with a cuppa other times its 2hrs with book or walking or lying in the sun (when we are lucky enough to have it).  If my thoughts wander and I feel myself getting caught up in panic or distractions I bring myself back to my mantra of “in this dedicated time there is nowhere else I need to be and nothing else I need to be doing right now”.  Having this time scheduled in helps me avoid overwhelm or burnout.


Do you have a favourite Self care habit or go to?  I hope you can add some of these to your own list.