First off I don’t think there should be any guilt attached to any snacks you eat. However, there are times when we are more aware of the food we are consuming for a variety of reasons and we need to moderate that gime gimme gimme.  Here’s five low cal, low cost, low fuss ideas:


Kinder bar.  This mini magic is effect for a chocolate hit alongside a cuppa (be warned its gone in what seems one bite) or melted in to your morning porridge! Keep them in the fridge and grate over a yogurt with fruit for a yummy dessert.    Oohhh yes please!


Rowntree’s ice-lolly’s.  I love the fruit stack an at a mere 55cals it’s a summer staple for cooling off and not feeling left out when others are tucking into her frozen ice-cream delights.  these look fun too, I spy a watermelon *insert carried a water melon joke here*  –  Just make sure you hide them from the kids.  Best enjoyed with some summer hits – Summer lovin you say!



Need that crunch hit. I always have these on my shopping list, tasty, crunchy and a firm favourite.  Snack-a-Jacks. Only difficulty is deciding which flavour to have!  Sweet Chilli for me please! Have alongside some fresh salsa dip or reduced fat sour cream for your sat night disco snacks!


Milky bar mousse. Let me explain… Freeze these little pots, remove from freezer 5 minutes before serving.  To serve pop onto a plate  or bowl, grate over some chocolate and crumble over a Biscoff or another small biscuit, drizzle with 1tsp your choice of melted spread (bisscoff/Nutella/mallow/peanut butter). Perfectly yummy treat or great dessert to make your taste buds do a little boogie.



Another savoury treat, Lentil bites are tasty and low cal. Great to grab out the cupboard when the snack monster lurks in your head.  Full of crunch and flavour that will put your craving to bed and leave you feeling smug enough to dance in the kitchen with the blind open and the neighbours watching – not one single F given Lidl do a great option of Lentil Bites they taste just as good and are a cheaper alternative to Sunbites.

I’d love to know what your favourite guilt free snacks are?   Treats aimed at kids are good options too hello milky way, quavers, skips, milk maid ice lollys! Ohhh and flavoured popcorn. Obviously fruit, nuts, veg with humus… I could go on and on!